Легкие стихи на английском

Предлагаем Вам подборку простых стихов различных тематик. Автор стихов, к сожалению, мне не известен, как источник. Everyday Meals Get up, little Freddy,Breakfast is ready, Butter and cheese, All that you please. Milk and bread For little Fred, Tea and jam For brother Sam. Tell me please: what can I do? Give them pills and much hot tea. They will be well, you will see. One, one, onePlease, cat, run! Two, two, two, The dog is after you, Three, three, three, Three birds on a tree, Four, four, four, Four cats on the floor The little fish How I like this little fish! Be it big or be it wee, I will throw it into the sea. Little mouse Little mouse, little mouse, Where is your little house? Here is the door, Under the floor! Pretty little buttefly Butterfly, butterfly,Where do you fly, So quick and so high, In the blue, blue sky? Fly high up into the sky! Tell me what you see! I see pretty flowers And rabbits in the grass. Happy Family Mother and father are very happy,You see, They have a big son, And a daughter, me! Four lovely seasons To make up a year. Toys A toy for me,A toy for you, A doll for girl A car for boy, A ball for Paul, Toys for you all! Balloon With this big and red balloon,I can travel to the moon. And when I am there, I will take care! The time What time is it? You are hurt at your knee. Let me help you with some tea! And you will fly over the sea. Four Seasons Winter, spring,Summer, fall There are four seasons. I know them all. Winter is a time for snow Spring is when the tulips grow Summer is when I wear short sleeves Fall is when I rake the leaves. Blue is the sea,Green is the grass, White are the clouds As they slowly pass. Black are the birds, Brown are the trees, Red are the sails Of a ship in the breeze. MY PUPPET My puppet is nice. My puppet is a clown. A perfect smile Ten tiny fingers, Ten tiny toes. A perfect smile, And a button nose. Skin so soft Eyes so blue. Who could I mean? It has to be you! The Sun Is Up! The sun is up, The sky is blue, Quickly get up, Go to the zoo, To feed the kangaroo! Little puppy Now I have a little puppy Who can do some funny tricks: He jumps to play with me, He runs after sticks. Little Moon Little moon, little star,You are so far, You are so high, Come to us, sit and sing, You will get a golden ring. UP IS CEILING Up is the ceiling, Down is the floor, Here is the window, There is the door! The Town The streets go up, The streets go down And in and out About the town. And in the streets The buses run, Two by two, Or one by one. Little Bird, Look At Me! A: — Little bird, little bird, Look at me! I have a bird-house, Oh, come and see! B: — Little boy, little boy, Under the tree, I like this house, Give it to me! Добавить комментарий Ваш e-mail не будет опубликован.